Window Cleaning.

Our Ladderless Reach and Wash window cleaning system is the safest and most effective way of cleaning windows as all work is carried out from the ground, ladders and other dangerous methods are almost entirely eliminated and access equipment often not required.

Reach and Wash window cleaning is quick and disruption is virtually non-existent. We were one of the first in Essex to employ this method and know how to use it properly.


Pure Water possesses a strong urge to return to its former impure state, absorbing dirt left behind by the elements, a skilled operator will ensure your premises are washed, dirty water rinsed away and the glass left to dry to a sparkling sterile finish.

We carry up to 1000 Litres of Pure Water (1 Ton). Our van mounted delivery tanks are the modern equivalent of our window cleaners bucket!

We hold over 4000 litres of pure water at our works premises ready to fast fill as required!

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Our system can reach almost any window we see from the ground.

Ladders can be used too if required.

We also have many years of squeegee experience for internal work and working from Cherry pickers or SAE (Suspended access equipment such as cradles).

We can also wash conservatory roofs, fascia, soffit, commercial and domestic cladding, guttering, garage doors, glass roofs etc….

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