Gutter Cleaning.

Our Ladderless GutterVac gutter cleaning system has revolutionized this service as the benefits outweigh other gutter cleaning methods.


In addition to clearing blocked gutters, Gutter Vacuuming is a preventative maintenance service.

It is recommended that property owners should clean out gutters annually to prevent blockages, backing up and subsequent expensive damage to walls, decorations, soft furnishings and carpets.

Insurance companies will often decline to pay claims for this type of damage if gutters have not been properly maintained!

This system is health and safety compliant. Considerable savings can be made to alternative methods.

Where required we use platforms (MEWPS - IPAF certified) or harness and lanyard methods from roof fall arrest lines coupled with vacuum clearance. Note - Lines must be tested and dated tags and maintenance paperwork be present before works go live.

We offer a professional, courteous, trustworthy service.

Fully insured and guaranteed.


  1. Is Highly Cost Effective.
  2. Maintains Privacy and Reduces Disturbances.
  3. Operators Usually Work From The Safety Of The Ground.
  4. Reaches To Heights Of 52ft / 5 Floors.
  5. Unblocks Any Guttering.
  6. Eliminates Use Of Ladders.
  7. Reaches Previously Inaccessible Areas.
  8. Insured for ladder use for access / egress and spot repairs where no safer method is available. Risk assessment pending.
  9. Cherry picker (MUPS) IPAF certified.

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