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We are Tablet and Mobile friendly!

16th May 2014

We have updated our website to make it tablet and mobile friendly, now you can browse our website from practically any device with ease!

Website Updates

17th September 2013

We have updated our website with a new colour scheme and finer looking graphics.

New Poles

6th June 2013

We have upgraded our window cleaning poles. We now use Gardinier poles which have a higher reach and a more robust, strong design.

New Uniform

1st December 2012

Our new uniform is black and inludes our company logo as seen on our vans and website. They are complete with employee names.

New Website Design

1st November 2012

We have upgraded our company website to include the proper logo as seen on our vans.

New Uniform

21st August 2012

We have upgraded all of our company uniform. The new fresh uniform now includes the company logo along with the staff member's name. You might do a double take when we next arrive to clean your property!

New Window Cleaning Poles

21st December 2013

Website updated with new blog.

15th August 2013

The website has been updated with a new blog section. Now customers can keep up to date with all the latest changes and updates.